Buying and selecting the right chart for your vessel is a confusing process. Our job is to simplify the procedure. Following steps give you an overview of the same. Your feed back will be very useful.

How to buy Electronic Charts: Commercial Shipping

1. Select the chart from C-Map Catalogue
2. Send us chart number and name via email
3. We will send a quote, wait for your confirmation, send the CD/DVD to you
4. Pay via cheque, online banking transaction etc.
5. We'll email the licenses to activate the charts

How to buy Electronic Charts: Light Marine

1. Identify your requirement: type of chart plotter and coverage from Light Marine Catalog
2. Send us the details via email
3. We will send a quote
4. Pay via cheque, online banking transaction. On receiving payment we will burn the cartridge
5. We'll send across the chart cartridge

How to buy Paper Charts

1. Identify your charts from Paper Chart Catalog (Coverage & List of Charts)
2. Or Send us your ports of call and we will identify the charts
3. Send a mail with the relevant details to check availability and price
4. Pay via cheque or online banking
5. We'll courier the charts to you

Charts 2004, 2045, 2079, 2106, 2107 and 3013 available at Discount